Home Inspections

Square Footage of Home:                        Price:

2500 and Less                                           $350.00

2501-3000                                                  $370.00

3001-3500                                                  $390.00

3501-4000                                                  $405.00

4001-4500                                                  $425.00

4501-5000                                                  $445.00

Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are subject to a trip charge up to the full inspection fee.

For homes larger than 5000 sq. ft, please call for an estimate.

 Prices are usually based on Finished Square Footage (some circumstances based on total sq. ft) , there is a $50 fee added to some inspections due to location, your inspection approval email will reflect billing cost.

***Effective date: 1-01-2021...subject to change without notice***

***Price guide is For Single Family dwellings only***

2021 Price Guide

Contact us: (612) 968-2260

Outbuildings with Services $35.00/Each

Outbuildings without Services $20.00/Each

We accept all Debit/Credit cards.

a convenience fee of 3.5% will be added to purchase greater then $1000.00

Radon Testing

Short term Testing ( 48 hours ) with Continuous Radon Monitor     $175.00

Radon with a home inspection                                                                 $150.00

Radon Mitigation Systems (call for pricing)

Military or Law Enforcement & Other discounts

Home inspection $25.00

Home inspection and Radon $35.00

​*** All discounts will be applied to your invoice ***