Home Inspections

Square Footage of Home:                        Price:

2500 and Less                                           $325.00-$375.00

2501-3000                                                  $345.00-$395.00

3001-3500                                                  $365.00-$415.00

3501-4000                                                  $385.00-$435.00

4001-4500                                                  $405.00-$455.00

4501-5000                                                  $425.00-$475.00

For homes larger than 5000 sq. ft, please call for an estimate.

 Prices are usually based on Finished Square Footage (some circumstances based on total sq. ft) , there is a $50 fee added to some inspections due to location, your inspection approval email will reflect billing cost.

***Effective date: 1-01-2019...subject to change without notice***

***Price guide is For Single Family dwellings only***

2019 Price Guide

Outbuildings with Services $35.00/Each

Outbuildings without Services $20.00/Each

We accept all Debit/Credit cards.

Radon Testing

Short term Testing ( 48 hours ) with Continuous Radon Monitor     $150.00

Radon with a home inspection                                                                 $125.00

Radon Mitigation Systems starting at $999

Military or Law Enforcement & Other discounts

Home inspection $10.00

Home inspection and Radon $25.00

​*** All discounts will be applied to your invoice ***

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